Vintage Eyewear

There are old wines that improve with age, wines that are taken out of the cellar after more than twenty years and must be dusted to restore the bottle to its former glory so that the wine can be served in the way it deserves.

Don’t worry, you’re in the right place; Amazing Eyewear hasn’t become an enology expert! But the comparison stands—many eyewear manufacturers look to the past, taking inspiration for their innovations from antique models or bygone trends. The revival of retro glasses goes hand in hand with the ever increasing appeal of vintage, a word which, incidentally, is derived from wine terminology (see, we hadn’t gone mad!).

What are the differences between retro and vintage, you ask? Well, retro glasses are brand new, while vintage glasses were manufactured in the past. Retro is a new wine made from old vines, as it were, while vintage is a wine at least “twenty years of age” which has had time to age without degrading—quite the opposite!

Of course, the two terms resonate with one another in many cases. Between the models in the collection, glasses made from ancient materials and designers inspired by ancestral crafting techniques, it can all get very confusing. But don’t worry—everything you find in our Retro and Vintage Eyewear collection is certified vintage! Relive the vibrant boldness of 1970s oversized sunglasses, admire the elegance and simplicity of the spectacles our parents and grandparents wore in the ’60s, or succumb to the charm of 1950s butterfly frames. Who said glasses couldn’t become time machines? Not us, that’s for sure!

History of old glasses

Join us in discovering the opticians who can restore your vintage frames and give them a new lease of life. Some eyewear manufacturers even focus all their efforts on recovering and restoring old models, much to our delight. Follow us on a journey through the Retro and Vintage Universe: We’ll even take you into the Design Brands that have vintage history written in their genes. After you!

Vintage eyewear brands

Anne & ValentinMarius Morel 1880Tavat

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