Breathing New Life into Vintage Eyewear!

Have you discovered a slightly rusty pair of glasses in an antique shop? Would you like to restore your grandmother’s spectacles? After the designer eyewear houses, Amazing Eyewear gives you an overview of the opticians out there who can restore your old frames.

Histoire d’y voir

Histoire d’y Voir is a shop in Bordeaux, France that lives and breathes vintage. The founder, optician Pierre Duhard, is a proud to call himself an “antique dealer of eyewear”. Histoire d’y Voir is always on the lookout for old stocks of glasses that have never been worn, and the service it provides is almost unique among opticians in France. This optician would be delighted to welcome you to the Saint-Pierre neighborhood and restore your most beautiful frames that have been unable to stand the test of time in spite of all your loving care.
  • Retro glasses and refurbished by Pierre DuhardRetro glasses and refurbished by Pierre Duhard
  • An old round metal frame from Histoire d'y voir in BordeauxAn old round metal frame from Histoire d'y voir in Bordeaux
  • Restaured vintage eyeglassesRestaured vintage eyeglasses


Lady Liberty vintage glasses by Arteo Paris.© Arteo

In Paris, the eyewear craftsman Arteo offers an eyewear restoration service that combines passion and skill. The most recent example saw the company working its magic on an original pair of “Madame Liberty” glasses, giving a star of the 1960s the chance to shine brightly once more. The shop pays special attention to the quality of the frames on offer, because it knows how important the durability of our glasses is to us. What better proof of this than glasses that have lasted for decades?

Maison Daignas

Valérie Mougeotte is an optician who always goes all out. She took charge of Maison Daignas, a vintage eyewear shop in Pau in the south-west of France, which continues to be steeped in nostalgia. Vintage artifacts adorn that shop, showing a love for rejuvenated relics, and you’re most welcome to add your input; the optician will be happy to take in your glasses to fix up. From retro eyewear through collectible frames, if you’re a nostalgic type, you’ll be right at home in Maison Daignas!

Daignas houses, restoration of vintage glasses in Pau© Maison Daignas

Optique Durable

Vintage sunglasses restored by Optique Durable Bastille in Paris© Optique Durable

These Parisian opticians have come up with the perfect name for their stop: Optique Durable! The shop is located close to the Bastille and offers a wide range of certified vintage eyewear: more than 2,000 period spectacles have been reclaimed, bought at flea markets or antique shops, or stumbled across by chance. From Panto models dating back to the 1940s, through 1950s aviators and butterfly glasses from the 1960s, the choice is yours! Always on the lookout for retro spectacles, the opticians will apply their expertise to restore any glasses you bring their way. All the vintage frames they work on are carefully restored and given a new lease of life without losing their former charm.

Dingue de lunettes

The Dingue de Lunettes shop has been able to combine its vintage eyewear restoration skills with its philosophy of recycling. Dan, who founded the Parisian eyewear shop, has discovered that the idea of restoring pre-worn glasses or ones from dormant stock is a perfect and eco-responsible way to satisfy his determination to offer unique period eyewear. As a connoisseur of antique shops up and down the country, taking a sustainable approach to offering up vintage pieces was an obvious choice for him. With all the relish of a collector, he invites you to come and restore your old metal, wooden, horn, acetate, or even genuine tortoiseshell glasses! For all the vintage eyewear enthusiasts who care about the environment.

Old glasses restoration workshop in Paris© Dingue de lunettes

Featured image: Lunor – S1 1102 frame
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