English eyeglasses designer Ross & Brown logo
  • Retro acetate glasses Paris by Ross and Brown
  • Paris optical frame by Ross and Brown
  • Metal eyeglasses Chicago by Ross and Brown
  • Eyeglasses Capri by Ross and Brown

Ross & Brown Glasses

The Italian brand Ross & Brown was born in 2013. Soon after, the designers moved to London to offer retro sunglasses both classic and current.

Each pair of Ross & Brown glasses represents a particular city, place and time. The models are reminiscent of Paris in the 50s and Milan in the 80s. But the English designer is not content with simply using classical forms. They explore these designs while renewing them with innovative colors and materials.

Based on the conviction that glasses are not only products to correct vision, but also objects that express the personality and style of those who wear them, the brand makes frames of with great character and historical flavor.

Photo Credit: Ross & Brown

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