Luxury glasses

These creative brands perfectly showcase the latest developments in luxury eyewear. The manufacture of their glasses requires a great deal of research and skill. They integrate special materials, both precious (gold, diamonds or precious stones) and unusual (stone, leather, ceramics, etc.), into their products.

Above all, these brands employ craftsmanship methods both new and old that produce frames that are almost bespoke. And the difference is obvious in their incredibly high quality finishes and overall durability.

If you want exceptional pair of eyeglasses, read on.

Our favorite luxury glasses models:
Dive into the manufacturing process of Henry Jullien glasses:

Henry Jullien is a French brand that is almost 100 years old. It has built its reputation on time-tested methods dating back to the 19th century: for instance, gold lamination, a technique it still perpetuates today. Today, Henry Jullien also creates collections in stainless steel and acetate.

Luxury brands of glasses:

Barton Perreira – Gold & WoodLucas de Staël – Lunor