Fashion glasses

Far beyond meeting the criterion of functionality, fashion glasses are, first and foremost, stylish accessories. Much like a beautiful garment or a piece of jewelry, fashion glasses are an important part of the wearer’s style.

These collections must find a balance between the trend of the moment and overall aesthetics. Often, fashion glasses remain fairly standard. However, they are distinguished from mass market brands by the quality of their details, finishes, and colors.

Conversely, more eccentric collections can be very fashionable. The “fashion” designer brands are subject to trends in terms of shapes and colors. Thus, in recent years, retro styles and the colors are fashionable. That is why this category is still defined in a discriminating way.

Our favorite fashion glasses:
  • Irresistor - AutobahnIrresistor - Autobahn
Watch a video of fashion eyewear designer Italia Independent:

If you see fashion glasses in vivid colors, original without being eccentric—there’s no doubt you are looking at Italia Independent! Motifs, bold colors, and exciting textures: the brand innovates to create beautiful glasses.

Fashion brands:

Gentle Monster – Kaleos Eyehunters – Sunday Somewhere – Thierry Lasry – Vuarnet