American designer Oliver Peoples eyeglasses logo
  • Conduit sunglasses by Oliver Peoples
  • Men sunglasses by Californian designer Oliver Peoples, model Rue de Sevre
  • Pantos eyeglasses by Oliver Peoples
  • Pantos retro sunglasses by Oliver Peoples

Oliver Peoples Glasses

Oliver Peoples is the story of two brothers, Larry and Dennis Leight. They opened their first store in 1986 on Los Angeles’ Sunset Boulevard and began their adventure by selling a stock of vintage glasses from the 40s-60s left by the shop’s former owner, a certain Oliver Peoples. This collection of retro glasses for women and men is highly successful, and the brothers decide to create their own brand.

Over the years, they have always been successful. Oliver Peoples, vintage brand par excellence, resists all fashions and remains trendy. After being worn by Andy Warhol, Oliver Peoples’ designs were adopted by many American icons. With mostly rounded, retro-inspired frames, the brand’s glasses make the wearer look both chic and glamorous.

Photo Credit: Oliver Peoples

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