Retro glasses by New York brand Moscot
  • Retro sunglasses by Moscot
  • Square black glasses by Moscot
  • Vintage spectacles from the brand Moscot
  • Acetate eyeglasses by Moscot

Moscot Glasses

Moscot was founded in 1915 by the patriarch of the Hyman Moscot family. After the Moscot family arrived from Eastern Europe via Ellis Island in 1899, they started selling glasses from a cart in Manhattan.

Today, the brand produces retro and vintage glasses. The design of these models is directly inspired by the Moscot family’s design archives. With the noticeable return of the retro in recent years, Moscot has become one of the most celebrated eyewear brands. The New York-based aesthetic of the frames is recognized around the globe.

Many celebrities wear Moscot glasses—for instance, Johnny Depp, who wore the brand’s flagship model, the Lemtosh

Photo credit: Moscot

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