Garrett Leight retro glasses from California
  • Acetate sunglasses by Garrett Leight
  • Black eyeglasses from Garrett Leight
  • Metal sunglasses by Garrett Leight
  • Round eyeglasses from Garrett Leight

Garrett Leight Glasses

Garrett Leight is none other than the son of renowned eyewear designer Oliver Peoples. Just like his father, Garrett has made retro glasses his trademark. He has successfully reinvented the great American classics. His collections are made up primarily of round glasses, Pantos and Windsor frames in acetate or metal.

Each model is available in unique colors, from transparent pink to brown whiskey. The brand prioritizes the use of high quality materials, like acetate produced in Italy’s Mazzucchelli factories. One might say that Garrett Leight’s trendy vintage glasses embody the Californian way of life.

Women aviator eyeglasses by Garrett Leight

Turtoise eyeglasses by Garrett Leight

© Garrett Leight – Boccaccio frame

Black metal sunglasses by Garrett Leight

© Garrett Leight – Electric frame

Photo credit: Garrett Leight