Découvrez les lunettes optiques et solaires uniques et originales de la marque française Anne & Valentin
  • Blue frame designed by Anne & Valentin
  • Chic blue Samson sunglasses from French designer Anne & Valentin
  • Black and orange glasses created by Anne & Valentin
  • Chic New Wave made by Anne & Valentin
  • Elegant sunglasses Sarandon for women made by the French eyewear brand Anne & Valentin
  • Sophisticated red frame Nanpo created by Anne & Valentin

Anne & Valentin Glasses

Toulouse, France in the early 80s: Anne & Valentin are in love, and release their first eponymous collection of glasses. It all begins with the desire to expand their offerings, and they create colored acetate glasses. At the time, this is a small revolution in the world of optics.

They design glasses in a variety of shapes and designs: round, square, panto glasses, and butterfly motifs. The designs break completely from the conventional to sell with great success.

Spectacles made by the french creator Anne & Valentin, frame LABYRINTHE© Anne & Valentin – Labyrinthe frame

Anne & Valentin glasses are unique, and result from a gentle alchemy between geometry, colors and materials.


Beautiful and sophisticated spectacles Recover frame presented by the french brand Anne & Valentin© Anne & Valentin – Recover frame

New wave frame presented by Caroline Abram© Anne & Valentin – New Wave frame

Audaciously, the brand employs a whole palette of fresh and bright colors, as well as fantasy and humor to dress up the eyes, and dares to mix metal and plastic with unprecedented structures.

Even today, the collections have not aged or become dated. They continue to emerge with bicolored, carved metal models, patterns that highlight the eyebrows, and round or octagonal shapes that are both playful and delicate. Made of metal or acetate, Anne & Valentin glasses are made in France.

Trendy glasses Remixframe created by Anne & Valentin© Anne & Valentin – Remix frame

Psst, Anne & Valentin created a collection of children’s eyeglasses!

Photo Credit: Anne & Valentin

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