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  • Lunettes de vue très originales en acétate marque française Anne et Valentin modèle Pattern
  • Lunettes de vue design marque française Anne et Valentin modèle Tweet
  • Lunettes de vue originales créateur français Anne et Valentin modèle Birdy
  • Monture optique originales lunetier français Anne et Valentin modèle Pinxit
  • Monture optique design créateur français Anne et Valentin modèle Kolor
  • Lunettes optique en acétate designer français Anne et Valentin modèle Cool
  • Lunettes de vue design lunetier français Anne et Valentin modèle Ellroy

Anne & Valentin Glasses

Toulouse, France in the early 80s: Anne et Valentin are in love, and release their first eponymous collection of glasses. It all begins with the desire to expand their offerings, and they create colored acetate glasses.

At the time, this is a small revolution in the world of optics. They design glasses in a variety of shapes and designs: round, square, panto glasses, and butterfly motifs. The designs break completely from the conventional to sell with great success.

Anne et Valentin glasses are unique, and result from a gentle alchemy between geometry, colors and materials. The brand employs shapes and materials to create the most original frames on the market. The duo does not hesitate to question itself and is constantly renewing itself.

Audaciously, the brand employs a whole palette of fresh and bright colors, as well as fantasy and humor to dress up the eyes, and dares to mix metal and plastic with unprecedented structures. Perfect for the consumer with a passion for art or who is just looking for an arresting accessory. These glasses are unique. The Toulouse brand is known for its quality, and can be found in most high-end optical shops.

Even today, the collections have not aged or become dated. They continue to emerge with bicolored, carved metal models, patterns that highlight the eyebrows, and round or octagonal shapes that are both playful and delicate. Made of metal or acetate, Anne et Valentin glasses are made in France.

Eyeglasses by Anne et Valentin

Lunettes de vue en acétate noir avec motifs lunetier Anne et Valentin

Monture optique fine en métal de la marque Anne et Valentin

Photo Credit: Anne et Valentin

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