English designer Oliver Goldsmith sunglasses
  • Design sunglasses with gold frame for women by Oliver Goldsmith model brushed gold
  • Retro round and bicolor sunglasses for women by the brand Oliver Goldsmith model floating monochrome
  • Original sunglasses in acetate and metal by the designer Oliver Goldsmith model polished gun
  • Glamorous hornrimmed sunglasses by the creator Oliver Goldsmith model warship leopard

Oliver Goldsmith Glasses

This brand is the definitive designer for all true lovers of retro glasses. The Goldsmith saga began in the 1920s when Oliver, the founder, designed a model in tortoiseshell. The next generation brought the spectacles into the world of fashion with original designs and an inimitable touch of glamour.

During this period, Oliver Goldsmith designs were worn by Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Peter Sellers and Michael Caine, and were regularly featured in Vogue. The generations that have followed perpetuate this style–British and retro, with optical and solar models manufactured in high quality materials by the most skilled artisans.

Photo Credit: Oliver Goldsmith

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