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Wooden Glasses

Focus on brands creating wooden glasses

  • VuDuSud offers wood spectacles.VuDuSud glasses
  • Wave of Wood offers wood spectacles.Wave of Wood glasses - Agave Sapelli frame
  • Amazing Eyewear presents Ozed wood sunglasses.Ozed glasses - Malcolm frame
  • Wood eyeglasses from the designer  Stéphane Laffargue.Stéphane Laffargue glasses - Marqueterie frame
  • In'Bô offers wood frames for eyeglasses.In'Bô glasses - Vagney frame
  • Discover Sébastien Geslin wood eyeglasses.Sébastien Geslin glasses - Moon One Silver frame
  • Amazing Eyewear presents Paragraphe wood eyeglasses!Paragraphe glasses - B5003 frame
  • Amazing Eyewear offers you to discover Holy Wood glasses.Holy Wood glasses
  • Dolpi wood spectacles are to discover on the webzine Amazing Eyewear.Dolpi glasses - DS13 frame
  • Amazing Eyewear presents Brevno wood eyeglasses!Brevno glasses - Polet frame
  • Discover Bome Eyewear wood glasses on the online magazine Amazing Eyewear.Bome Eyewear glasses - Bandon frame
  • Focus on Zylo Eyewear wood spectacles.Zylo Eyewear glasses - GobyGrey frame
  • You can find Tommy Owens wood glasses on the website Amazing Eyewear.Tommy Owens glasses
  • Loch wood made frames are on Amazing Eyewear.Loch glasses
  • Woodiu wood manufactured glasses are on the webzine Amazing Eyewear!Woodiu glasses - Majestic Milan frame

In tune with the trend toward natural materials, some eyeglasses designers have launched themselves into the production of wooden glasses. With wood, brands push the barriers of creativity and make a difference. Old material, new approach!

If you’re concerned with the way your glasses are made, you will be satisfied with the artisanal and environmentally responsible side of many wooden eyeglasses designers. From the most refined luxury to the sturdiest strength, from lightly finished natural shades to the wild colors: anything is possible with wooden frames.

Give the natural look a try!

What are glasses made of ?

Each species of wood has its own characteristics: solidity, suppleness, color, etc. So, which ones have our designers chosen? Oak, rosewood, bamboo—we know about these woods. But some designers go far beyond that.
What are glasses made of?

Featured image: Stéphane Laffargue glasses – Hills frame

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Eyeglass brands:

Ozed Sébastien Geslin – Wave of Wood

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