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Custom made Glasses

A custom made eyeglass model

Why would we need custom-made optics? If you ask this question, it’s because you’ve never had your heart broken… by a pair of glasses. You saw the frames, and there was perhaps a shock of attraction, but it quickly turned into frustration. Is the frame too large or too small? Too heavy? It slips? They don’t make it in an appealing color? And it’s even worse if you realize it after a few weeks of wear. You can keep experiencing these setbacks until you realize that to find your perfect frames, you’d do best to choose custom glasses.


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Until now, only your lenses were made to measure, corresponding to your prescription and your needs: anti-reflective treatment? Protection against blue light? Polarized lenses for your sunglasses? (And the checklist can still keep going…) But for the frames, the options were reduced: you did not choose the size of the bridge that would span your nose, nor the hinges, nor the width, nor the material. And if your favorite color was not an option, it was a shame, but you had to make the best of it.

Those who have specific ideas of what their glasses should be, who don’t like to compromise, and who are determined to have nothing less than the glasses of their dreams, will find satisfaction in the idea of ​​being able to choose both their glasses’ main features and the small details that change everything. Some designers who give you this opportunity are to be discovered.

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