Claire Goldsmith eyeglasses brand logo
  • Circular tricolor spectacles by the designer Claire Goldsmith
  • Sunglasses with tinted lenses by the british glasses maker Claire Goldsmith
  • Feminine optical glasses with green acetate frame by the creator Claire Goldsmith
  • Retro hornrimmed spectacles from United Kingdom by Claire Goldsmith

Claire Goldsmith Glasses

Designer Claire Goldsmith is none other than the great-granddaughter of Oliver Goldsmith, one of the most influential eyeglass designers of the 20th century. The elder Goldsmith was a British optician who was instrumental in creating the looks of the century’s biggest film icons, among them Michael Caine, Audrey Hepburn, and Grace Kelly.

Claire began her career in design by reviving her grandfather’s line of sunglasses. Part of this collection, “Heritage,” offers retro, 1960s glasses, with all their associated memories. The other frames in the collection are also vintage-inspired, but with a modern touch. Simultaneously elegant and sophisticated, Claire Goldsmith’s collection has attracted some of the most discerning minds in fashion.

Photo Credit: Claire Goldsmith

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