The German Designers

Berlin, a major capital of culture and art, is home to a large percentage of Germany’s eyeglass designers. We hear often about frames from beyond the Rhine because of their price—more affordable lower than those of France or Italy—but less discussed are their numerous and inventive creators.

Bauhaus in glasses

Lunettes TYG Spectacles

TYG Spectacles eyeglasses

Historically, Berlin has been crossed by many aesthetic currents, and today remains a city famous for its artistic effervescence. It is from these origins, past and present, that Berlin’s eyewear designers draw their inspiration; the Bauhaus movement is a particularly strong inspiration.

Characterized by its geometric shapes and frank colors, the Bauhaus was initially architectural. Today, it is found in glasses as well as many other art objects, and foreign brands like the Italian TYG have paid tribute to this major trend of European design.

Far from the world of mass consumption, ic! Berlin produces glasses inspired by industrial design and the Bauhaus. The designs are always unique and the Berlin brand has spread its style beyond Germany’s borders.


German eyeglass designer Mykita also relies on this artistic movement to inspire its models in acetate. The brand also plays with retro-futuristic metal models.

The diversity of German frames

German glasses, of course, are not only Bauhaus-inspired. The creators from beyond the Rhine also know how to produce extremely refined frames.

This is the case for Lunor, whose name comes from a mixture of the words “glasses” and “gold.” The brand specializes in high-end luxury models, acetate or metal. Fine and clean, the lines evoke the charming elegance of old.

German eyewear designers offer frames as diverse as the artistic currents that have crossed their country, and always with a great concern for quality, as well as with a special attention to the shapes and lines that make up their creations.

Lunettes Lunor

Lunor eyeglasses

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