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Land of excellence, honor and subtle arts, Japan can also be considered the country of glasses. It is, along with France, one of the largest manufacturers of spectacles in the world, and the quality of its designer glasses is internationally recognized.

The luxury of Japan

Because Japanese manufacture is a token of high quality, some brands have their frames made in the Land of the Rising Sun, and they do so proudly: the phrase “made in Japan” deserves its esteemed reputation.

Barton Perreira, an American brand of luxury glasses, has chosen Japan to manufacture its glasses in the Japanese tradition. Everything is handmade with time-tested methods that highlight Japan’s eyewear know-how.

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A hundred year old tradition

It is in Fukui prefecture that most Japanese glasses are created. The province accounts for more than 95% of the country’s eyewear production!

And it is precisely in Fukui that Masunaga was born, one of the oldest names in traditional eyewear. Founded in 1905, today the brand is a flagship of Japanese frames. All Masunaga glasses are made by hand in acetate, and are created in pursuit of one goal: perfection. Each pair is the result of careful design, meticulous work, and a century’s worth of know-how.

Matsuda also designs and produces high quality frames in Japan. The brand uses luxurious materials like gold, silver and titanium. Titanium glasses were first created in Japan, and the country has exceptional skill in the work of this metal.

With its many luxury brands, its craftsmanship, and its technological innovation, Japan has long established itself as a top creator of quality eyewear.

Featured Image: Matsuda