Northern European Frames

Functionality, accessibility, simplicity: this is Scandinavian design in three words. Created in the 1930s, its primary purpose was to improve everyday life. Naturally, then, it is found mainly in objects of the house and everyday life: tables, chairs, etc.

But glasses also are everyday objects. Many Nordic designers are inspired by Scandinavian design to offer both functional and refined frames.

Lunettes Rim, Lindberg

Rim eyeglasses by Lindberg

Danish luxury

In Denmark, luxury eyeglass designer Lindberg predominates. Specializing in perforated frames, the brand is known for its minimalist forms, as are typical of Scandinavian design. Lindberg glasses are made with precious and rare materials like titanium, acetate, horn, and even diamond! In France, these Danish glasses have plenty of fans—they have received acclaim from Lionel Jospin and even François Hollande.

Lunettes violettes Strip 9500, inspirées par le design scandinave, Lindberg

Lindberg Glasses

Fjords and glasses: Swedish frames

A little further north, Swedish designer Scandinavian Eyewear leads the pack. Their designs are minimalist, in sober colors. The brand also always offers glasses that are suitable for big faces. A leader in Nordic eyewear, Scandinavian Eyewear embodies a combination of traditional know-how and modern Swedish design.

Lunettes Rosendal, Scandinavian Eyewear

Scandinavian Eyewear, Rosendal model

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Featured Image: Scandinavian Eyewear