Canadian Eyeglasses

In Canada, a new generation of eyeglasses designers is emerging! Amazing Eyewear will help you discover brands that explore exciting combinations of materials, shapes and styles.

modele lunette vue edith acetate coloré cat eye

Edith Model – Guild Eyewear ©

Recall our discussion of Guild Eyewear in our special tailor-made package, a service accessible to all. You will undoubtedly be tempted by what you will see in their ready-to-wear collections, because the designer offers their own glasses, both optical and solar. All frames are drawn, designed, prototyped and manufactured by hand, in their studio in Toronto. It takes two weeks to make one pair of glasses.
Canadian designers have created bold collections for people who want to embody a unique look. Hillary Predko, Guild Eyewear’s director of production, created this year’s YYZ collection. Even before that, Guild Eyewear has appealed to designers from diverse backgrounds. The range of styles in this collection is vast and reflects the variety of designers who have contributed to it.
lunettes vue verte euclid guild eyewear pantos

Euclid Model – Guild Eyewear ©

Let’s stay in Canada’s largest city a little longer—it still has gems to reveal…

From Canada to Ghana

lunettes de vue bois titane bohten marque createur ghana canada

© Bôhten

Bôhten’s timeless collections are inspired by nature. Woods of many species are the designer’s most prized material. When it isn’t the sole material, it is used in tandem with titanium, as in the highly modern Nova Collection.

Not only is Bôhten’s work durable and attractive, the brand itself also philanthropic! For each pair of glasses purchased, Bôhten donates a percentage to Sightsavers, an organization that fights preventable blindness in developing countries.

Bôhten has had its feet in Toronto and its heart in Ghana since 2012. Nana Osei, the brand’s founder, plans to use unusual agricultural materials like Ghanaian barley, wheat, straw, and wood to make simultaneously eco-friendly and luxurious eyewear.

The design and production take place in Toronto, where the brand opened its first eco-friendly plant. The opening of a second plant in Ghana that uses renewable energy is planned for 2017.


Bohten marque createur canadienne lunettes vue soleil ecoresponsable

© Bôhten

Made-to-measure glasses and ultra limited editions!

monture acétate titane nash rapp eyewear canada

Nash Eyeglasses – Rapp Eyewear ©

Rapp Optical’s adventure also began in Toronto; more specifically, it started in 1983 with highly skilled optometry. Soon the brand Rapp Eyewear was born, and in 2001, a manufacturing unit was created in the same city. The founder, optician and eyeglass designer Mel Rapp, designs and produces limited edition spectacles.

They are made by hand and distributed in small quantities throughout the world. Each frame is made on request and personalized by shop and customer.

monture vue rapp eyewear merrill carnivale vert

Merrill Eyeglasses – Rapp Eyewear ©

How to recognize a Rapp Eyewear frame? They often combine raw titanium and Italian acetate (sometimes matte, sometimes glossy) with sharp and pronounced angles.

lunettes soleil Billie fellow earthlings monture acétate crystal verres mint

Billie Sunglasses – Fellow Earthlings ©

On the opposite side of the country, Sydney and Chris, the two creators of Fellow Earthlings, settled on Prince Edward Island.

They now produce ultra-limited series glasses (no more than 100 frames) on request. You can choose the shape of your model, the color of the acetate, and the glasses that will dress the frame. Everything is handmade on-site. You can choose between four models with different shapes, square or round. Each face can find the glasses that suit it!

fabrication monture acetate ecaille papillon fellow earthlings

© Fellow Earthlings

Featured Image: Fellow Earthlings