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When we think of glasses from Asia, we often think of glasses “made in China,” which are associated with cheapness and low quality. But that’s inaccurate: Asian eyeglass designers know how to create high-end frames.

China often produces quality glasses. The country benefits from high-performance machines and skilled labor.

Lunettes Gentle Monster

Gentle Monster

South Korea is home to a wide variety of creative brands. The country is crossed by daring artistic currents that explore technological innovation. Unsurprisingly, that this culture of excellence and extravagance extends to the field of eyewear.

Muzik is one of those brands that creates high-tech, trendy eyeglasses. In acetate or metal, the frames are voluminous and inspired by musical styles from around the world. The brand manufactures its glasses in France, relying on the country’s tradition of proven craftsmanship.

On the pop culture end of the spectrum, Gentle Monster offers very colorful glasses with thick and assertive lines—they simply can’t go unnoticed. The Korean brand’s extravagance has helped it to forge a recognized image in the world of optics.

Asia, especially South Korea, is a place of creativity, where high-quality designer eyeglass brands are born. Renowned for its significant technological advancements, this area of the world has put its extensive innovation, energy, and talent at the service of eyewear. In Japan, too, we find excellent eyeglasses designers…

lunettes musik superfiction

Muzik glasses, model Johnny

lunettes musik pitch

Muzik glasses, model Pitch

Lunettes Illusion, Gentle Monster

Gentle Monster glasses, model Illusion

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Featured Image: Gentle Monster