Les lunettes originales du créateur français Naoned
  • Red eyewear Riouzig from the manufacturer Naoned
  • Naoned, the french designer from Nantes produced this green optical frame Goz
  • Pink eyeglasses made in France for woman named Doufin and designed by Naoned
  • Chic sunglasses for women and men Ar Zerr by Naoned
  • Prescription glasses orange and black Enez Plat 18 model from Naoned
  • Original optical glasses for men in acetate Elez by Naoned
  • white and black eyeglasses Wanez from the Breton designer Naoned
  • Enez Veur frame, created by the french manufacturer Naoned

Naoned glasses

In Brittany we know a thing or two about identity. With the creation of NAONED – Nantes in Breton – Jean-Philippe Douis was taking the first steps of his creative path. The passionate optical designer dreams about his frames before hand making them in Nantes, his source of inspiration. Glimpses of his personality can be found in all of his designs.

Discover the original and chic glasses made by the french brand NAONED© NAONED – Sant Laorans and Louet frames

His unique yet not eccentric frames are designed to bring to light those who wear them. Here it is not fashion that rules: we are free to fulfill our wishes and assume our style. NAONED pays careful attention to detail and loves a job well done, as we can appreciate in its work with acetate and metal in bright colors, balanced color schemes, lines that blend classicism and modernity

The Breton house is proud of anchoring its sophisticated collection in a timeless aesthetic identity. NAONED creates its glasses with love, inspired by its close relationship with those who are fond of original objects. An added value that brings a salty twist to this brand, seducing the most demanding.

  • © NAONED - Aradon frame© NAONED - Aradon frame
  • © NAONED - Modèle Aradon© NAONED - Modèle Aradon
  • © NAONED - Plouezec frame© NAONED - Plouezec frame
  • © NAONED - Modèle Plouezec© NAONED - Modèle Plouezec

Blue and pink eyeglasses, Kostann frame created by the french designer NAONED© NAONED – Kostann frame

Originals sunglasses, IG frame by the french brand NAONED© NAONED – IG frame

Photo credit: NAONED


NAONED presents their new made in France frames!

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