Made-to-measure prices

What price would you put on custom-made? The enjoyment that comes from having a pair of frames that really suit your face, are comfortable all day long, and will never slip down your nose.

As with any individual design that requires specific tools and knowhow, there is a cost – or rather, a number of costs – associated with custom-made eyewear. Measurement techniques, production methods, and choice of materials all have an impact on the production of the finished product.

What price would you put on custom-made? Let's discover that with Amazing Eyewear !

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As individual as your made-to-measure eyewear

To estimate the price of a set of made-to-measure frames, you first need to determine your needs based on any visual correction you might require, and the shape of your face. Remember that, first and foremost, this is eyewear that’s made for you, a unique item that won’t fit any other face as well as yours.

So it’s important to choose how your measurements will be taken. Today, most brands and opticians offer 3D scanning so that your face can then be modeled in 3D. However, the accuracy of these measurements depends on the power of the software.

Tastes and colors: a question of custom-made

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Made-to-measure eyewear shouldn’t just suit you, though: you also have to like it. While most brands offer different styles, the degree of customization isn’t always the same. From choosing your rims, colors, and materials to selecting your lenses, all these aspects need careful consideration prior to production.

The manufacture of your glasses itself also depends on what you want and what you need. Do you have a preference for hand-made frames, or are you keen to discover what lightweight polyamide can offer with a 3D-printed pair?

If you decide to go for traditional craftsmanship, you’ll still be able to choose between unusual materials such as tortoiseshell or shagreen, and other, more traditional materials such as Italian acetate, well known for its high quality.

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Whether its wood, precious or non-precious metals, rhinestone or feather inlays, or an engraving with your name that you’re after, (almost) anything is possible, you just need to know where to go. To help get you there, Amazing Eyewear has devoted an entire article to made-to-measure frames, where you can discover the world of possibilities on offer. Happy reading!


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