Custom-made trainings

It all starts with a face. Maybe it has one eye a little higher than the other, slightly low eyebrows, narrow cheekbones, or a particularly slender nose. It’s unlike any other because, like all faces, it’s unique. And it needs glasses.

This is where the optician comes in. Using their tools or even their smartphone, they take specific measurements of the face so that they or another designer can make a suitable pair of glasses.

A multiplicity of vocational training

Obtain the bachelor’s degree course in spectacle design and manufacture run by the Institut Supérieur d’Optique (ISO).


The techniques of custom-made eyewear require a specific learning process, which can be achieved in several ways, whichever route you take: craft production, 3D printing, customizable frame parts, etc. None of these require the same skills; with that in mind, here’s a little overview of the different types of training available, so that you can custom design yours!

In France, the bachelor’s degree course in spectacle design and manufacture (Bachelor Lunetier Créateur) run by the Institut Supérieur d’Optique (ISO) provides training in made-to-measure frame design. Combining theory and practice, this is the most comprehensive route for becoming proficient in the processes involved in eyewear design. It’s a traditional route for the student who wants to develop and understand the many techniques for making custom-made spectacles.

L’école des Meilleurs Ouvriers de France Lunetiers (MOF Eyeglass Craftsmanship School) may be an excellent choice for those who want to rub shoulders with the masters and learn the art of made-to-measure from them. MOF Eyeglass Craftsmanship School offers “à la carte” internships for specialization in one or more areas linked to custom-made or very small production runs. It’s no secret that the best learning takes place alongside the best, or at least “some of the best” as they prefer to say.

Patrice Pointet will train opticians for specialization in one or more areas linked to custom-made or very small production runs.

© Patrice Pointet

All thanks to Patrice Pointet, opticians finally have a new more individually personalised training path in tailor-made techniques. A sculptor born who after 30 years working in eyewear, now shares his tailoring techniques with opticians. This Oyonnax-based (eastern France) craftsman specialized in acetate created a very comprehensive training program that combines learning the trade and mastering new technologies (i.e. 3D printing) ensuring the most complete teaching possible.

Of Tools And Men

They are self-taught and have a lot of knowledge to share with their colleagues, here are some examples of optician entrepreneurs passionate about new technologies …

Not to be outdone, optician-spectacle-makers also have an interest in training. All-rounder Julien Bonnemay is an optician from Brittany who has developed his own 3D application to design made-to-measure frames, OLGA. Others will no doubt follow in his footsteps to teach themselves and develop the tools they need, so that ultimately, every individual can reap the benefit of a pair of glasses tailored to their particular face shape.

In the same vein, optician Charles Dagneaux created Optimaker, for any optician who wants to take advantage of the technological innovations of 3D printing and provide their clients with made-to-measure glasses. Software, a digital workshop, and training in the new technologies are in place so that every optician can access this unique universe. Tailor-made eyewear design will be with you sooner than you thought!

Made-to-measure is no longer a luxury that just a few can get to grips with or afford. Professionals in the optical industry can now choose to train in traditional techniques or new technologies in personalized eyewear, for the convenience of all!

Featured image: Optimaker

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