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Two out of every ten storks are foolish enough to forget to slip a small pair of glasses on delivery, for the children who will need them. (Unless the goal is to let you select the frames instead!) Because yes, two out of ten children will need to wear glasses to correct their visual impairments.

Parents want unbreakable, flexible children’s eyeglasses, but children do not want to wear them; parents want glasses that ensure kids’ visual comfort, but children are more concerned with glasses that represent their favorite cartoon character; parents want their children to like their frames enough to wear them regularly, while kids want to… well, they want to love them too, and show them off on the playground! (Finally, a point of agreement!) Who knows, perhaps after reading this article, blackmail and negotiations won’t even be needed to get your kids to wear their glasses.

Children also have the right to glasses just as aesthetically pleasing and comfortable as adult frames. Their faces change quickly, and strong frames are essential. And don’t worry—design is not at odds with visual health. Amazing Eyewear is determined to prove this, offering a selection of eyeglasses designers who’ve thought of both children and teenagers.

This is the end of austere, boring eyewear. Now designers work hard to offer children (and parents) playful and colorful glasses—as well as subtle and elegant glasses, for kids who want to look like mom and dad. Kids want glasses that suit their age and their state of mind.

If you’re looking for something unique, then a custom-made frame for kids would be THE solution.

Our favorite designer eyeglasses for children:
Sneak behind the scenes at the last Mykita First campaign shoot:


Eyeglass designers for babies, children and teenagers:

Tête à lunettes – V.Design KIDS

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