Innovations and bespoke eyewear

As the name suggests, made-to-measure includes lots of measurements: yours. These help to ensure maximum accuracy when designing glasses that will be a perfect fit for your features and your face. Nothing new here so far. Some spectacle-makers are going even further in their pursuit of accuracy, though, by making use of advanced technologies such as 3D.

Fully made-to-measure, vision-centric corrective eyewear

Raising the stakes in custom-made, Yuniku marks a fine innovation for the optics industry. The name of the concept says it all: it’s about you, and only you, because you are one of a kind. From your facial features to the vision correction that you need and your personality, you are a unique individual. The Yuniku concept fully embraces this idea and goes beyond anything we have seen previously.

Orgreen + Yuniku say that because you are one of a kind, your glasses have to be unique.

© Orgreen + Yuniku

Custom-made frames represent comfort, indulgence, and for some of us, a necessity. Completely bespoke eyewear, though, must extend to the lenses: if a lens is fitted incorrectly in glasses that otherwise reflect the individual features of your face, visual performance is impaired. You need personalized lenses, with frames that ensure perfect vision, and this is what the game-changing Yuniku offers.

A high-precision scanner system is used to scan your face and the software saves the measurements to make an automatic recommendation of the ideal size for your frames, ensuring a perfect fit for your facial anatomy.

Finding out about you and providing exactly what you want also involves understanding a bit about your lifestyle. A short series of questions gathers information on your visual needs and your lifestyle. Are you a site manager, often working outdoors? Or maybe you work in an office? As the key variables of your profile, all these factors are considered.

Find out with Yuniku by Hoet that effective corrective eyewear doesn’t mean sacrificing your style !

© Yuniku by Hoet

Yuniku caters for your needs, as well as for your wants. Don’t worry, though, effective corrective eyewear doesn’t mean sacrificing your style. Not only has the first collection been designed by the Belgian designer Hoet, but there are also more designer collaborations to come. Once you’ve chosen the style, you can decide on the colors and textures for your new glasses, which need to suit you just as well as they fit you.

The frames are 3D-printed using polyamide, a light, impact-resistant material that will be the best everyday companion for your glasses.

Innovations in custom-made technology and techniques

Discover the new 3D printed glasses collection by Götti "Dimension X".

© Götti

In Switzerland, designer Götti is also making use of technology innovations in made-to-measure eyewear. The Swiss brand has already made an impact with its 3D-printed eyewear collection, Dimension. With Dimension X, though, it has gone further still, using this technical innovation in printing in combination with a bespoke service. Dimension X offers four different spectacle styles: Cutty, Riny, Ukkie, and Ullrich. Each is available in three sizes, with a choice of three different noses that can be printed and arms that are adjusted in length to fit your face. Götti harnesses everything that 3D printing by laser sintering has to offer, to bring you made-to-measure glasses with clean lines, where reliefs, shade, and texture all play their part.

Featured image: Götti

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