Roger Bacon offers a made-to-measure service in the Netherlands.

Custom-made eyewear for men

Gentlemen, gentlemen! They’re a frequent sight, tastefully dressed yet pushing up their glasses which are forever slipping. While some men may be content with ready-to-wear, an increasing number are choosing to go for custom-made. Men are taking an interest in what they wear, and that goes for their glasses as well. Rare materials, a bridge in their size, and personalized arms all have their appeal.

Elegance with eyewear

A crisply ironed shirt, a buttoned-up collar, and an artfully knotted tie… It’s the subtle details that distinguish a man of elegance. And to add a flourish, there’s nothing to beat luxury, charm, and the discreet pleasure of wearing a one-off item.

Tom Davies is a man of such elegance, and provides made-to-measure glasses made from rare materials like horn. While he has trained a number of opticians to offer his custom-made collection, he also knows how to keep the most exacting customers happy: the designer himself can come to you to design a pair of frames exactly to your liking.

The Cubitts range is different, more avant-garde, perhaps, but still produced with care.

The brand offers you a choice of frames from a style library before making them to measure from horn, metal, or acetate. The elegant Bemerton style, for example, should be a firm favorite with those traditionalists who yearn for a double bridge. The brand plays on the subtle details that show that each piece is handmade using high-level expertise.

The Cubitts range is different, more avant-garde, but still produced with care.

© Cubitts

Back to the future

Not all men like horn-rimmed glasses, though. Some will prefer the distinctiveness and technical nature of made-to-measure spectacles. In this case, they can opt for brands that provide 3D-printed frames.

Roger Bacon offers 3D-printed made-to-measure spectacles that are manufactured from high-grade polyamide.

© Roger Bacon

Roger Bacon offers a made-to-measure service in the Netherlands. All the brand’s partner opticians can scan your face to take your measurements. Then you just need to choose one of the many designs.

Traditionalists will approve of the attractive round frames of RB12, while the more adventurous might opt for the two-color Twins M, a rectangular style with a thinner rim around the bottom half of the lens that offsets the heavier top rim and arms.

These custom-made, 3D-printed spectacles are manufactured from high-grade polyamide, which should appeal to technology enthusiasts. Anyways, you got it, there’s always a lot more to be discovered when it comes to custom-made glasses!

Featured image: Roger Bacon

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