Wood’s Second Life

When wooden objects become useless, the wood that they’re made up of is sometimes abandoned, forgotten in a corner of a workshop or on the edge of a road—yet this wood is valuable. Those who see beyond the surface of things perceive the thousand possibilities open to them…

This group includes some eyeglass designers who, celebrating their love of wood, offer it a second life. They modify it for other uses and renew it. Ecology and tradition meet when wood is reclaimed and fashioned into alluring, artful glasses.

The Tampere-based eyeglass designer Kraa Kraa makes its wooden glasses primarily from birch. Nevertheless, the brand also works with some more rare materials, like wengé and teak. Is this incompatible with its environmentally conscious values? Not at all!

To remain local and minimize its environmental impact, Kraa Kraa recovers these precious woods from the furniture industry.

Inpired by nature, Wood3n uses recycled wood to manufacture fashion and ecological eyeglasses.

WoodLun’s, in Ardeche, also recovers woods from local industry. Using this method to create glasses in zebrano, ebony and other exotic woods, the brand is able to source precious wood while respecting its environmental convictions.

Finnish wooden eyeglasses by Kraa Kraa

© Kraa Kraa

Wood Light, for its part, reclaims wood from skis to create its wooden glasses. What an incredible way to fight waste while creating high-end wooden glasses!

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Recycling, as a tribute to the material

In the heart of Oregon, the eyeglasses designer Shwood loves to innovate. The streets of Los Angeles were the source of inspiration for Shwood’s skateboard glasses.

Solid, this wood has been through a lot. It demands meticulous and somewhat unusual craftsmanship, but this doesn’t frighten Shwood, a brand that’s always eager to push its limits. The result is a pair of huge, colored wooden sunglasses that’s just like the object from which it sprang.

Watch the video of the skateboard glasses!

French wooden glasses and wine bottle by Shelter

© Shelter

And what about France? There, Shetler works with reclaimed woods. The Annécienne brand has teamed up with an esteemed winery to offer a limited edition collection of a new kind: wooden frames sold with a bottle of wine. And these are not just any glasses! These glasses cut from the oak barrels used to age the wine. Shetler gives new life to these containers. With their wood weathered outside, and reddened by wine inside, the frames are singular, a tribute to the tradition of winemaking.

From wood to paper

In South Tyrol, it’s not just wood that’s used for glasses, but also its derivative materials.

Italian brand Paper Style specializes in the manufacture of paper glasses. Each pair is made by hand, consisting of many layers of compacted, glued paper.

Ultra-light—even more so than wooden glasses—paper frames are unique. Made from newspaper or artists’ drawings, no pair looks like another, and the possibilities are nearly endless.

Paper Eyeglasses Flu Comic frame by Paper Style made in Italy

© Paper Style

Featured image: Paper Style glasses

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