• Eyewear from the Danish brand Orgreen
  • Eyeglasses from the Danish spectacle manufacturer Orgreen
  • Frames from the Danish creator Orgreen
  • Spectacles from the Danish designer Orgreen
  • Grey optical frame by Orgreen
  • Orgreen introduce solar frame
  • Square eyeglasses made by Orgreen
  • Discovery frame created by Orgreen, red eyeglasses
  • Purple spectacles designed by Orgreen
  • Slap frame from the Danish creator Orgreen
  • Round glasses made by Orgreen
  • New red eyeglasses created by the Danish designer Orgreen
  • Rectangular optical frame by Orgreen
  • Orgreen introduces her new yellow sunglasses

Ørgreen Glasses

Amazing Eyewear introduces Orgreen glasses© Orgreen – Columbia frame

Orgreen is a Danish brand founded in Copenhagen in 1997. Its goal is to design long-lasting, timeless glasses for those who care about quality above all else.
Orgreen’s optical and solar glasses are made of titanium and beta-titanium, incredibly durable and light metals.
The collections are designed and developed in Denmark, then handcrafted in Japan. More than 100 steps are taken in the creation of the frames. For this reason, their manufacture can take up to six months!

Diggity solar frame made by Orgreen© Orgreen – Diggity frame

Originals spectacles created by Orgreen, Scenario frame© Orgreen – Scenario frame

Clearly, Orgreen pursues perfection. Its designers are constantly looking for chances to increase the brand’s level of innovation and quality. The lines of the frames are refined and minimalistic, with details that make them unique and distinguishable. Their inspiration comes from classic designs, but they are always reinvented in a style of their own.


Photo Credit: Orgreen

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