Découvrez les lunettes optiques et solaires Sabine be.
  • Be cats an eyeglass of the iconic brand Sabine be eyewear
  • BE addict in electric blue and tortoiseshell from Sabine be eyewear
  • Be pretty, a feminine cat eye model of the french brand Sabine be
  • A silver metal and unisex frame from the french brand Sabine be
  • Be lucky a round frame that will suit every faces in cream color designed by Sabine be eyewear
  • Sabine be a brand from France with the model BE HAPPY
  • Be Dandy in neon pink for men or woman from Sabine be
  • Be casual, a silver metal frame for men and woman from Sabine be eyewear
  • The french style of Be Boyish in gold from the french designer Sabine be
  • BE FACTORY, a men frame in red designed by Sabine be
  • Purple lenses on a metal frame BE CAT SLIM from the french brand Sabine be
  • Eyewear designer Sabine be and the model BE CAT SLIM in neon pink

Sabine be glasses

Sunglasses from the French designer Sabine be,be trust slim frame© Sabine be – be trust slim frame

The Little Prince didn’t wear glasses, but he had it all figured out: “it is only with the heart that one can see rightly”. Those who make their choices based on the acceleration of their heart rate can find their heart’s desire in the playful optical world of the French designer, Sabine be Enough to make one’s heart skip a Be’.

Red spectacles from the French designer Sabine be, be mood frame© Sabine be – be mood slim frame

Turning her childhood dream into reality, the former optician fond of colors and different materials, decided to launch her own brand. Each one of her frames reflects her playfulness. Fresh and unique designs, extra-vibrant color choices, dedication to focal detail… the polished esthetics is all handmade in France.

White sunglasses made by Sabine be, be girly cloud frame© Sabine Be – be girly cloud frame

For men, women and children, optical and sunglasses, accessories, international scope… The only constants in Sabine Be’s world are her know-how and daring touch. For the rest, pleasure is the limit. Her addictive frames are sought after by demanding faces and atypical souls alike. Here, we do not buy glasses: we enter the lands of pure sugar passion.

Photo credit: Sabine Be / Supertropic / Philippe Poulain

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