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  • Monture solaire fleurie du lunetier Jean-Philippe Joly
  • Lunettes solaires originales et bicolores du créateur Jean-Philippe Joly
  • Lunettes de soleil élégantes du designer Jean-Philippe Joly
  • Monture solaire ronde aux contours verts du lunetier Jean-Philippe Joly
  • Monture solaire féminine de la marque française Jean-Philippe Joly
  • Monture optique ronde épaisse du créateur Jean-Philippe Joly
  • Modèle solaire tendance du designer français Jean-Philippe Joly

Jean-Philippe Joly Glasses

Jean-Philippe Joly is originally from Paris, the city of love and romance (with eyewear!), but his enthusiasm took him all over the world. We can say the universe of his collection reflects his optician skills and passion for glasses, topped off by his know-how: to shape frames to match the identity of its wearer.
Every detail is cared for, from the creation to molding to prototyping his own sketches. Jean-Philippe Joly with high sense of detail creates detailed pieces with all the elegance that he considers essential to beautiful objects. Inspired by different cultural and artistic references picked up through his travels around the world, the aesthetic of his creations represent multiple origins, one of which is New York, his lucky charm city.

A photograph of the french designer Jean Philippe Joly© Jean-Philippe Joly

Discover the French designer Jean-Philippe Joly and his trendy frames.© Jean-Philippe Joly

Both his optical and sunglasses creations benefit from renowned French know-how and acclaimed Italian qualities, such as Mazzucchelli acetate and high quality glasses… This lover of generous design, signs sophisticated and limited series that embody his sensitivity for volume and color harmony, yet never to the expense of comfort and lightness. If you are proud of your identity, this is for you!

Discover the work of the French glasses maker Jean-Philippe Joly© Jean-Philippe Joly

Here are these black frames from the designer Jean-Philippe Joly !© Jean-Philippe Joly

Photo credit: Jean-Philippe Joly

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