BBIG kids collection eyeglasses
  • BBIG kids eyeglasses with colored acetate frame
  • Eyewear collection for kids from the BBIG's brand
  • Eyeglasses by Dutch designer BBIG with brown acetate frame
  • Metal red spectacles in stainless steel created by BBIG

BBIG Glasses

BBIG produces diverse and frankly unclassifiable glasses for those only three apples high—in other words, they are entirely devoted to frames for children!

The collections have nothing to do with those medical frames that achieve only the strict minimum of function. On the contrary, BBIG wants to make the chic accessible to children, whether they are two months or 13 years old. Forget children’s glasses with cartoon heroes seen 56 times (in a row). For all the parents who bought the cartoon-themed products and are fed up, this eyeglass designer is here for you.

In the metal collection, the Dutch eyeglass brand uses stainless steel for the frames because it is hygienic and resistant to corrosion and temperature variations. In short, it will withstand the test of the most chaotic play.

Acetate is also a preferred material, because it makes it possible to alter the fit of the frames more easily, so that the frames fit your child perfectly. On the hinge side, BBIG uses a system called “OBE”, which allows your optician to replace a broken temple on the spot, rather than having to send everything to a special repair service. BBIG also explores trends like wooden glasses. We have seen this return to nature in collections of adult glasses; BBIG explores the trend with acetate frames that look like wood—a beautiful illusion!

Photo Credit: BBIG 

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