Les lunettess du créateur spécialiste du bois Sebastien Geslin
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Sébastien Geslin Glasses

Sébastien Geslin: the maestro of wooden glasses

You may well have heard about frames made of wood, you may even have bought a pair. Yet, the universe of wood magician Sébastien Geslin, will surely surprise you.

The french glasses maker Sébastien Geslin creating in his workshop© Sébastien Geslin – Workshop

Noble raw materials

“It is a green hollow where a stream gurgles”… Sébastien Geslin’s workshop lies on the bank of the river Sèvres, in the crossing of Vendée and Deux-Sèvres regions. Far from any clichés, this designer with golden touch chose this rural environment to inspire his creations made with exceptional raw material.

Who needs to ask him about environmental awareness, seeing him sculpt his magic on renewable wood? He creates beautiful frames by working the veins of the wood together with goldsmith skills of golden or silver plated details; a final touch distinguishing highly skillful objects.

Wooden glasses designed by Sébastien Geslin© Sébastien Geslin


Sébastien Geslin likes to take his time, yet there is no room for procrastination in the creation of his designs: every frame is carefully hand crafted like yester-years and go through an astounding 250 steps, from cutting the wood through to the creation of the hinges. This seemingly backwards process calls for high quality precision and allows every nose to find its match with great finesse.

The spectacles of the french brand Sébastien Geslin are all made with natural materials© Sébastien Geslin

Unique results

More than being proud of the origin and crafting of his frames, Sébastien Geslin believes in the importance of innovations and their power to push technical limits. For maximal resistance, the wooden frames, once varnished and polished, are reinforced with carbon. As well as having pioneering design, a unique adjusting system ensures comfort for the wearer like never before

These glasses can’t be found anywhere else; Sébastien Geslin holds the secrets for making unique pieces you will wear proudly just like expensive jewelry.
A great find for those who love natural materials!

Sébastien Geslin's wooden frames are all handcrafted© Sébastien Geslin

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