French original eyeglasses designer Parasite logo
  • Unique eyeglasses by the brand Parasite
  • Design eyeglasses by the designerParasite
  • Original frame by the creator Parasite
  • Unique sunglasses by the brand Parasite

Parasite Glasses

The Parasite brand was launched in 2002. It was immediately noticed, thanks to its original concept: making spectacles that express the symbiosis between man and machine. With a futuristic style, the brand offers collections of original and innovative frames that have shaken up the optical world.

The brand’s very first models were utterly surprising and unparalleled: frames with two sets of flexible branches that cling to the sides of the head. The design of the models is totally futuristic, inspired by science fiction films like The Matrix.

Gradually, the collection has expanded into more classic designs, very minimalist but always with hints of innovative technology. For example, Parasite has created glasses that change color according to the angle of view, as well as frames with iridescent LEDs.

Photo Credit: Parasite

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