Naoned presents their new made in France frames

One solution to see afar may well be to get closer… and in fact proximity is key to Naoned’s philosophy. A keen believer in local know-how and traditional craftsmanship, the designer is in search for quality and authenticity above all. The brands’ elegant frames with all of their meaning and values are carefully hand-made from beginning to end, rising up beautifully to 100% made in France challenge.

Proximity also means to be receptive. Naoned is a sincere, transparent and approachable brand, always ready to meet those who trust them. Eager to keep human relations at its core, the designer welcomes the curious eyes in his workshop and attends international optical fairs, where his creations continue to surprise the crowds.


You can find Naoned glasses on Amazing Eyewear© Naoned –  Aon frame

Unveiled at the MIDO 2019 in Milan, their new model Aon embodies the brands’ desire to bend over backwards for its aficionados, or to fit a pair of glasses in the silhouette of another. The astonishing design where curves and angular edges blend together gives life to the two-tone acetate, a chromatic brand favorite. Aon exudes a sweet neo-retro fragrance and will captivate lovers of beautiful glasses.

The Branneg frame, its female counterpart, is adorned with a dexterously polygonal metal ring. Delicately pink like a peony at the break of day, it sports a second yellow and black translucent acetate frame. Perfect to adorn the pretty faces looking for delicate contemporary style.

Naoned offers a new frame named Branneg!© Naoned – Branneg frame

Photo credit: Naoned

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