Glasses from Switzerland by Götti
  • Round optical frame Dabbis by Swiss designer Götti
  • Doble bridge sunglasses, model DCS03 by Götti
  • Optical frame Lacey by Swiss designer Götti
  • Round sunglasses Edis by Götti
  • Pabis eyeglasses by Swiss eyewear designer Götti
  • Geometrical sunglasses by Götti, model EFS02
  • Cristal acetate eyeglasses Sahin by Swiss designer Götti
  • Men sunglasses Enriq by Götti
  • SM01 eyeglasses by Swiss eyewear brand Götti

Götti Glasses

Design comes from the heart. It’s the certainty upon which Swiss designer Sven Götti based his guiding principles and founded his business in 1993. To him eyewear design is a slow, intellectual and technical process in which style is broken down to the highest degree of simplicity. In his eyes it’s this minimalistic approach that makes frames timeless.

Whether sunglasses or eyeglasses, in Götti’s designs every last detail is thought about. Although guided by his obsession with straight lines, this is not at the expense of the technical aspect of his designs: frames without screws, glue or solder, 3D printed eyewear structures, the flattest temple folding systems, etc. This brand continually blends engineering and ingenuity.

Driven by his avant-guard vision and building on the Swiss reputation of expertise, Götti also highlights the high added value brought by his master craftsmen. Working with acetate, titanium or natural horn, the brand combines tradition, precision and innovation to produce high-quality frames. As an inspired designer, Götti has won numerous international awards for his clean aesthetic approach as well as his inventiveness.

Men and women sunglasses by the Swiss designer Götti
Men optical frame by Swiss designer Götti

Original sunglasses with doble bridge, model DCS03 by Götti Lacey eyeglasses by the Swiss eyewear brand Götti

Photo Credit: Götti