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Vuarnet Glasses

The French designer Vuarnet has been creating sunglasses since 1957. Using classical and chic shapes, their solar shades have a timeless look. If their look seems familiar to you, it may be because you saw them in the film The Pool: Alain Delon wore the Mount Vuarnet 006 in a memorable scene! The designer’s primary offerings are glasses with sporty elegance.

The designer created a line of mineral glasses, made in France. The founder Jean Vuarnet was passionate about skiing, so he wanted to create glasses that adapt to varying landscapes and sports activities.

Today, Vuarnet has four types of lenses for four different uses: blue glasses that protect from glare, for aquatic activities; gray lenses for normal vision and for the city; brown glasses adapted to large spaces, for higher contrast vision; and yellow glasses for mountain activities such as skiing and mountaineering.

Photo Credit: Vuarnet

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