American Cutler and Gross eyeglasses brand logo
  • Retro sunglasses with red frame by Cutler and Gross
  • Circular eyewear by the british brand Cutler and Gross
  • Square spectacles in acetate by Cutler and Gross
  • Hornrimmed sunglasses by Cutler and Gross from United Kingdom

Cutler & Gross Glasses

After meeting at optometry school, Graham Cutler and Tony Gross founded Cutler & Gross in 1969. The two friends bought a shop and sold their first frames, which were made exclusively by hand. The brand quickly became an essential member of the world of optics.

Cutler & Gross offers men’s and women’s retro glasses that reinvigorate classic English style. Their glasses embody a broad variety, experimenting with colors and patterns to create countless unique combinations. For decades, their collections have delivered a whirlwind of novelty. They remain trendy and are simply a cut above the rest.

The designers play with frame transparency using a special treatment of the acetate, giving some frames an acidulated even or flashy touch.

Photo Credit: Cutler & Gross

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