X13 sunglasses by Philippe V introduced by La Espejuelos

  • Black Shadow sunglasses, modele X13 by Philippe V
  • Combined acetate and metal sunglasses with solar clips, X13 by Philippe V
  • Sunglasses with Essilor lenses, modele X13 by the French designer Philippe V
  • Optical frame with a solar clips made by the French designer Philippe V, modele X13 from the Black Shadow collection
  • Black sunglasses made of acetate and titanium, X13 frame by Philippe V
  • X13 sunglasses Black Shadow colour by Philippe V

Today we show you the new concept of the brand PHILIPPE V that has added a distinctive stamp within their collection. BLACK SHADOW is not a model in particular it is a new combination of colors and textures based on the black color giving it the prominence it deserves. BLACK SHADOW has invaded many of the models of their collection including several that we have already shown in the blog, but today we want to show you the X13 model, the new concept of frame with a sun “clip-on” that will serve as a perfect example.

X13 is a frame of the best quality made of Japanese titanium block with an extreme lightness, with thin profiles and rounded shape, matching with a sun “clip-on” made of acetate that fits perfectly to the front to become a incredible sunglasses. We can see all the features of BLACK SHADOW, the black metal, the matt black acetate and the black Essilor custom lenses with soft black mirroring. Of course you could not miss the dark gray engravings of the fleur de lis on the front profiles that are the trademark of the brand.

As you know, the collection created by the designer Philippe Vergez is made in Japan with the best materials and special attention is paid to the details, engravings and of course a design designed to make the adjustment instantaneous. We hope you like!!

Sunglasses with lenses with soft black mirroring by Philippe V, X13 frame from the Black Shadow collectionBlack sunglasses made of titanium and acetate with dark gray fleur de lis engravings on the temples, X13 by Philippe V

Photo Credit: La Espejuelos

  •  X13 Black Shadow sunglasses by Philippe V
  • Black titanium optical frame with a black acetate sun clip-on, X13 modele by Philippe V
  • X13 sunglasses by the French eyeglasses designer Philippe V, modele X13 from the Black Shadow collection
  • All black sunglasses X13 by Philippe V
  • Black sunglasses with mirroring lenses from Essilor, modele X13 by the Fren designer Philippe V
  • X13 sunglasses from the Black Shadow collection by Philippe V
X13 black sunglasses from the Black Shadow collection of Philippe VBlack sunglasses made of titanium and acetate, X13 by Philippe V
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