Spotlight on the Philippe V N°3.1 eyeglasses, introduced by La Espejuelos

Today Rock’n’roll with PHILIPPE V, the wildest and most non-conformist side of the industry. Philippe Vergez built his brand in his image and likeness to create a partnership between people with the same ideals of anarchy, rebellion and nonconformity.

  • Eyeglasses by Philippe V model n°3.1
  • Solar spectacles in black acetate by Philippe V
  • Solar frames by the french designer Philippe V
  • Handmade eyewear by the french brand Philippe V
His glasses have an unique personality and strength that is transmitted to whoever wears them. This model Nº3.1 is the evolution of one of his first glasses that we share on the blog (PHILIPPE V Nº3) and shows the new line of marked curves and work on the design of the different profiles. It is what is called a well-made black acetate sunglasses and they are the protagonist by themself.

Made by Japanese craftsmen, in this frame the polishing is perfect and the metallic details finish giving the personal touch showing the iconography of the brand through the skulls and flowers of Lys. We emphasize the extra-thick hinges that will make this frame indestructible and its masculine rectangular shape with marked corners.

Since its inception, the firm has created its own universe that extends beyond an eyewear collection, its designer has created a range of products related to the world PHILIPPE V as rings, pendants and clothing, unique pieces created with the same philosophy that the glasses, discover them …

  • Eyglasses made in Japan by the french spectacle manufacturer Philippe V
  • Solar frames n°3.1 by the french creator Philippe V
  • Optical device by Philippe V and introduced by la Espejuelos

Photo credit : La Espejuelos

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