The creator NATHALIE BLANC, heiress of Parisian luxury, renews her collection. As always, she is inspired by the classic and timeless models, while giving them a contemporary touch.

Les lunettes icôniques MAMAN de Nathalie Blanc vues par Le Espejuelos
© Nathalie Blanc X La Espejuelos – MAMAN model

The new luxury is not based on a logo, but on the highest quality of artisanal manufacturing, and the care of the last detail in the design.
It’s a clear commitment of the French house winner of the Silmo d’Or in the last edition of SILMO in Paris, where she will soon present her new models.

Des lunettes de soleil tendances avec le modèle MAMAN de la Maison française Nathalie Blanc présentées par La Espejuelos© Nathalie Blanc X La Espejuelos – MAMAN model

Today, we bring you exclusively one of those novelties that give meaning to the brand: the MAMAN sunglasses.
A slightly «oversize» model with a retro design, that plays with the different colors of acetate to create a set of empty spaces in the front volume.

© Nathalie Blanc X La Espejuelos – MAMAN model

Une monture solaire féminine et élégante pour le modèle MAMAN de Nathalie Blanc
© Nathalie Blanc X La Espejuelos – MAMAN model

Black glasses are always a must, and thanks to the combination of black with the translucent inside, NATHALIE BLANC achieves a super-model with many possibilities of becoming an icon of the brand for this season. She also introduces the wide temple as a trend for this year.

© Nathalie Blanc X La Espejuelos – MAMAN model

The finish is simply the best, an exceptional shine, the golden metallic details and a precise fit for instant comfort. Like all the glasses of the French house, the left terminal ends in a circle with an asymmetrical detail, the hallmark of the new luxury. We hope you like it!!

Photo credit : La Espejuelos

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