Interview of David Rose, the SALT.’s designer

After an enlightening and long-standing experience in eyewear factories and warehouses, David Rose takes the leap towards making his own creations in 2006. It’s the kickoff to the SALT. brand adventure, inspired by the designer’s travel experiences and discoveries. In an exclusive interview for Amazing Eyewear, David Rose retraces his steps and speaks of his love for eyeglasses.

  • Orange acetate sunglasses Tavita by designer David Rose from SALT.SALT. sunglasses - Tavita
  • Bi color acetate sunglasses Pila designed by David Rose from SALT.SALT. sunglasses - Pila
  • Anela optical frame by designer David Rose from SALT.SALT. eyeglasses - Anela
  • Men sunglasses with doble bridge, Burkhat frame by SALT.SALT. sunglasses - Burkhart
  • Harrison sunglasses with metal doble bridge by american eyewear brand SALT.SALT. sunglasses - Harrison
  • Acetate eyeglasses Kelly designed by David Rose from SALT.SALT. eyeglasses - Kelly
  • Optical frame, Chandler model by SALT.SALT. eyeglasses - Chandler
  • Grey sunglasses Paragon by designer David Rose founder of SALT.SALT. sunglasses - Paragon
  • Black acetate sunglasses Lopez by SALT.SALT. sunglasses - Lopez
Can you briefly retrace your career path for us?

I started putting glasses in postal packages in a warehouse. It was my first actual encounter with eyewear, which back then already amazed me. I rapidly continued exploring the many different facets of the product and gained experience in both manufacturing and sales before finding my place at Oliver Peoples. There, I acted as a go-between for factories and designers; I gained a perfect understanding of both trades and their respective expectations. For four years, I absorbed everything there was to learn and discover. Glasses are such unique and rich objects; they both represent prostheses and fashion accessories. There is such a wide choice in details and varieties!

Green acetate sunglasses by american designer SALT.

SALT. sunglasses

At what point did you decide to take on the SALT. adventure?

Things were shifting at Oliver Peoples at a time where I wanted to stand on my own two feet. I felt ready and all the circumstances were right. That was 10 years ago. I think I’ve always had a creative streak, but I hadn’t applied it to eyewear yet. I had been spending so much time learning about the subject before, that when the idea occurred to me, it felt very natural.

What do you recall about your first frame design?

It was a frame for corrective eyeglasses. I’ve learnt a lot from creating my first collections, but I think that my first frame already carried the SALT. DNA. I really focused on comfort, a paramount criterion to me. I adjusted the proportions right down to the last millimeter. My first frame already wore the organic color palette, which is the main theme for all our models.

american eyewear designer David Rose from SALT. facing nature

David Rose facing nature

Can you tell us more about the SALT. DNA?

I grew up on the east coast, in California. It’s a region in the US where you can both go surfing during weekends and go hiking in the mountains. Over there, both the diversity and force of nature are very present. That’s why landscape colors inspire me so much; it’s unbelievable the color spectrum nature actually offers us.

It’s unimaginable to think that all the different colors we see in nature don’t add up! They are all made for each other; to me, it’s that natural balance that actually presents nature’s grace. What better inspiration source could I possibly find? It’s all there, waiting to be discovered and traveled through.

Black sunglasses by american eyewear brand SALT.

SALT. sunglasses

Women black and gold sunglasses Nia by SALT.

SALT. sunglasses – Nia

Which frame is your pride and joy?

I currently most appreciate the NIA frame; I just love its design, materials and general esthetics. It’s an acetate and titanium model, with polarized lenses. It has a certain beauty along with being functional; it’s that balance that I really like.

What represents your current mood best?

I think it must be Sandy Sea Green; that semi-transparent and vivid seaweed color. It’s a color tone that reflects my current mood pretty well. And by the way, the NIA sunglasses are available in that color as well!

green acetate sunglasses Wilcox by SALT.

SALT. sunglasses – Wilcox

What was the last inspiring place you’ve visited?

That would be the Sierra Nevada Mountains, I think. It was during the shoulder season, between summer and autumn. Leafs were starting to change color, slowly turning orange and brown. The landscapes there really inspired me.

SALT. is the acronym for Sea, Air, Land and Timeless. It corresponds to an open-minded mindset but also to an active, outdoor lifestyle.
brown and blue sunglasses Raines by SALT.

SALT. sunglasses – Raines

Photo Credit: SALT.