Variation Design : Eye-catching

Do we choose our friends, or do they choose us? We don’t really know how or why, but it enchants us. It is full of surprises. It is a little like the moment we set our sights on a pair of eyewear. The new collection of Variation Design is as surprising as pleasing, like enjoying a nice glass… or two.

Original Eyewears of the french creator Variation Design
Looks can be more promising than deceiving. Behind Amboise’s dark and serious carbon finish, hides a bright and joyful metal frame; glimpsing into man’s hidden secrets.
The good friend modestly shows his face to those who can read between the lines: double bridge for the bold; brushed and textured tones for the sleek.
The new collection of Variation Design with the black model Agathe

© Variation Design – Agathe model

Aglaé and her zesty candor sums up the core of a good friendship. With an extremely feminine cat-eye frame, her lines overlap daintily stirring some trouble. Next to her we always find her best friend and alter ego, Agathe, softer yet cheeky in style. Her colored steel framework and detailed bridge sparks our curiosity to see what’s behind the elegant and dazzling lines. Like two best friends at a party, they ooze style and a little extravagance.The red model Aglaé of the new collection of the french designer Variation Design

© Variation Design – Aglaé model

The new line of Variation Design is out to reveal each and every personality. Their creations of intricate accessories invite us to be just who we are. Real partners of good times, the French designer’s creations will adorn your eyes and show your spirits whether you are on an intimate date or enjoying a wild night out.
The Amboise model of the last collection of the french brand Variation Design will suits you perfectly

© Variation Design – Amboise model

Photo credit : Variation Design

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