It’s back to school for Variation Design!

Discover the new opticals eyeglasses collection by Variation Design Kid's & Teens© Variation Design Kid’s & Teens –  VDT 109 model

February is just like the start of the school year for Variation Design Kid’s & Teens. This year’s program includes: sequins and flashy colors for the younger ones, metal and cool simplicity for teens… Watch out for the newbies who will be the sensation of the playground.

Very fashionable kids

Children at the age of primary school have passionate adventures. They live and love according to their favorite sport or universe, their colors and designs. At Variation Design fashion has no age! The enthusiastic designers have adorned frames with carved engravings and very detailed patterns and impressions. With this collection made especially for them, boys and girls are sure to pack delicate acetate and gaudy epoxy in their schoolbags.

Opticals pink eyeglasses, Polina model by Variation Design Kid's & Teens© Variation Design Kid’s & Teens –  Polina model

Young ladies will dive into the magical world of sequins. The ballerinas in the making will chose their Polina glasses over their pointe shoes to leap around the playground. Perfect match for their tutus, the gracious tortoiseshell is brightened with pastel pink touches and delicate ribbons.

The more romantic and bohemian girls will handpick their shimmering Garance or Éva frames. The delicate Éva with her purple and turquoise hues is right up there with her big sister Garance and her daring yet girly light blue and fuchsia square frame. Wondering about your pre-teen who is no longer a little girl and not yet a young woman? If she is into shades of pink and sequins, she’ll find her match in the mesmerizing Tabatha!

  • A colorful frame with Garance optical model by Variation Design
  • Round glasses Eva by Variation Design Kid’s & Teens for children
  • Opticals eyeglasses for little girls with this Tabatha frame by Variation Design Kid’s & Teens

© Variation Design Kid’s & Teens –  Garance, Éva and Tabatha models

Boys have not been left aside by all means… The sporty and daredevils who are constantly on the move will particularly like one of three frames: The bold Basile doesn’t stay put with round scales and runs at full speed with grooved temples. The more daring Seith, could be a street artist unless its pattern evokes hockey sticks… And as for young Jack, its fluorescent earpiece is all about energy. But what would they wear it for? The lightly dotted temples’ design evoke as much the texture of a ball as that of rubber tyres…

  • A shades of blue with this Basile optical model created by Variation Design Kid’s & Teens
  • Boys will enjoy this Seith model of the Variation Design Kid’s & Teens collection
  • An original frame for these Jack eyeglasses presented by Variation Design

© Variation Design Kid’s & Teens – Basile, Seth and Jack models

A breeze of liberty for teens

After childhood teenagers still need codes with which to identify and at the same time require singular traits to affirm their individuality. With new metal frames Variation Design revamps classical models with an original touch. The frames come in a sensible selection of golden, silver or chromed shades, and are topped with a touch of colorful epoxy.

 With your webzine Amazing Eyewear, discover the new opticals models for children and teenagers from the Variation Design Kid’s & Teens collection© Variation Design Kid’s & Teens

With a shape that fits both boys and girls alike, it is down to the tones to call the shots. Now, what inspires the teens that will sport these? VDT 100 dares to bring color to the aviator structure: pepsy red or luxury gold for the studious and growing scientists. Behind the classic tones of VDT 102, are thin grooves on wider temples. Its large circles allow dreamy eyes to wonder at ease.

  •  Variation Design Kid’s & Teens introduce the VDT 100 eyeglasses models
  • The silver and purple VDT 102 optical model from the Variation Design Kid’s & Teens collection

© Variation Design Kid’s & Teens – VDT 100 and VDT 102 models

The elegant tones and single bridge of VDT 103 make it the perfect choice to accessorize the trendy looks of fashion lovers. Little, round and charming the VDT 104 come in pink and gold or black and silver. Intellectuals and litterateurs will recognize themselves in its poetic style and calligraphic lines. Now if your teen is into paints or musical instruments, the dazzling tones of VDT 106, should inspire their artistic talents; and who knows, the turquoise or yellow beautifully rounded hexagonal rim, may well dress the looks of the next Mozart or Picasso?

Though we cannot know what will become of those wearing it, one thing is sure, when it comes to frames, teens are freshly born!

  • An original frame with this VDT 103 optical model from the Variation Design children and teen collection
  • VDT 104 round eyeglasses from the Variation Design Kid’s & Teens
  • Variation Design Kid’s & Teens imagine the VDT 106 frame for children

© Variation Design Kid’s & Teens –  VDT 103, 104 et 106 models


Photo credit : Variation Design Kid’s & Teens

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