• Round optical frame Al by SALT.
  • Metal and acetate eyeglasses Angie by SALT.
  • Acetate eyeglasses Ty by the American designer SALT.
  • Cristal acetate sunglasses for women, Cordis model by SALT.
  • Optical frame made of acetate by the American designer SALT., model Danny from the 2018 collection
  • Acetate sunglasses for men Elihu by SALT.
  • Women acetate sunglasses Grace by SALT.
  • Men eyeglasses made of metal and acetate, Harold frame from the 2018 collection of SALT.
  • Metal eyeglasses Henry by the Californian designer SALT.
  • Women cristal acetate eyeglasses Lacey by SALT.
  • Optical frame made of metal and acetate, Lou model by SALT.
  • Women eyeglasses made of cristal acetate Maggie by SALT.
  • Women eyeglasses Paige from the 2018 collection of the American designer SALT.
  • Round frame made of acetate, Rebecca model by SALT.
  • Aviator sunglasses made of metal by the American eyewear brand SALT., Resin model from the 2018 collection
  • Acetate eyeglasses Ty by SALT.

SALT. Glasses

The state of California is rich in diverse natural landscapes. Inspired by these places of beauty, the Salt brand was established in 2006. Northern California is mountainous, while the land is made up of deserts in the east and south, and to the west lies the Pacific Ocean.

SALT is an acronym for Sea, Air, Land and Timeless. The sea, the air and the earth are three elements that inspire the brand. The fourth element, fire, can be found in the brand’s passionate designers! The glasses maker is inspired by peaceful waves, and their objective is to create pairs of glasses that withstand the test of time like the mountains.

The frames are handmade in Japan by skilled artisans. All the models, in their designs and colors, reflect a perspective, a panorama, a natural site, a detail. Salt whispers beautiful stories that arise from our natural surroundings. Listen…

Women's sunglasses made of translucid acetate, Maggie model by SALT.© SALT. – Maggie_AR frame

Aviator Sunglasses made of metal by SALT.© SALT.


Reading glasses made of metal and acetate, model Ty by SALT.© SALT. – Ty_BOG frame

Women's sunglasses made of pink acetate, model Cordis by SALT.© SALT. – Cordis_AR frame

Discover the interview of David Rose, the SALT.’s designer


Photo Credit: SALT.

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