Glasses made in Jura

Glasses can come from anywhere in the world, but it is in the Jura, in the heart of the French mountains, that much of the knowledge of glasses design was developed. That tradition continues today.

Glasses made in Morez

More precisely, the village of Morez is where most of the glasses production—not only in the Jura, but also in France as a whole—is carried out. An estimated 80% of French glasses come from this city!

Anne & Valentin sunglasses Script model

Anne & Valentin Script sunglasses

The Jura’s highly qualified workforce, trained at the National Optics School, makes it a region particularly popular with both eyeglass wearers and eyeglasses designers.

Indeed, many creators, Jurassians or not, make their frames in the Jura. This is the case of Anne & Valentin. The Toulouse-based brand opened a workshop in the Jura to make their glasses by hand, reaping the benefits of know-how that’s both traditional and technologically advanced.

Clément Gouverneur owns the oldest glasses factory in Morez. The brand offers high-quality vintage frames made by hand in this workshop. They focus on preserving traditional manufacturing processes, using old, nearly forgotten machines to add a touch of authenticity to their creations.

Clément gouverneur metal glasses

Clément Gouverneur Glasses

The museum of the telescope is located in Morez. It allows visitors to discover the history of French glasses, especially those made in the Jura, while also offering temporary exhibitions exploring all areas of vision and optics: glasses of the future, optical illusions, and much more.

The Jura is the historic cradle of French eyewear. But it is also a place of contemporary creative and technological effervescence, where ancestral know-how is preserved, transmitted and allowed to evolve with time. Many eyeglass wearers demand not only the quality of a product made in France, but that of glasses made specifically in the Jura.

Clément Gouverneur Glasses

Clément Gouverneur Glasses

Anne & Valentin eyeglasses, Kodex frame

Anne & Valentin Eyeglasses

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Featured Image: Clément Gouverneur