chrome hearts Eyewear of Goldsmiths

Eyewear of Goldsmiths

The trade of an eyeglasses designer requires a mixture of knowledge and creativity. Like other crafts, it is highly demanding because it requires a precise knowledge of materials and their properties. The better a designer knows their materials, the more they can express their creativity.

shamballa eyewear sunglasses lotus III model

Lotus III model © Shamballa Eyewear


Some eyeglasses designers create frames that use real jewels. Around the wrists and on fingers and ears, jewelry can discreetly become an extension of our personalities. Similarly, we are also the display unit of the glasses that we wear! They rest on our nose; we exhibit them. They frame our eyes. Why not wear glasses as we would wear earrings or a watch? Some wear their glasses like tiaras. We have found for you the jewels of eyewear, to complete your royal collection.

These eyeglass designers combine precious materials and technicality to create exceptional and timeless frames. Their work is similar to that of jewelers. They use luxurious and high quality materials. These precious glasses can be passed down from generation to generation, as they are made to last.

Do not flee! If you who hate swagger and bling-bling, Amazing Eyewear has options to satisfy you!

Lindberg gold and diamond eyeglasses manufacturing

© Lindberg

Eternal diamonds for a precious frame

Let’s head to Denmark, where you were promised a royal treatment. Here it is! Eyeglass designer Lindberg dedicates part of his collection to precious frames. Far from being pompous, the designer uses finesse and discretion to conceive ultra light and subtle frames. They are made with extraordinary materials: rose gold, white gold, and 18-carat gold, as well as platinum. Each piece is, of course, handcrafted and custom made. Additionally, the buyer enjoys the ultimate luxury of choosing the precious stones that will discreetly ornament the frame. If the heart (and wallet) allows it, one certainly shines a bit more with rough diamonds affixed on demand to the temples of your frames.

Lindberg horn and diamond frame Precious for women

Precious Collection © Lindberg

Horn and diamond eyeglasses for men by Lindberg

Buffalo horn model, gold and diamonds

Gentlemen: you are not forgotten. Lindberg also has a “Precious” collection for men. You may find yourself attracted to gold frames if you are a classic type, or to those that incorporate buffalo horn if you like the glasses with character. Luxury is not only embodied in the shine of precious stones and metals—luxury is also rarity, as is the case with buffalo horn here.

A bit of gold!

French designer Henry Jullien Prestige frame made of diamond and gold



There are brands that integrate the jewelry tradition into their design. Since 1921, the brand Henry Jullien uses gold for its frames. The brand has now explored the creation of frames embellished with precious stones like diamonds, emeralds and rubies. You will receive a certificate of authenticity for the jewels. Your frame will be individually numbered and unique.

Jewelry glasses with character!

If you are looking for a less traditional jewelry frame, eyeglasses designer Shamballa Eyewear has partnered with glasses designer Larry Sanders to offer an exceptional collection. Rather than just simple gold, it uses titanium, rose gold, silver, rhodium, and Italian leather. You will also encounter details of inlaid sapphires and black diamonds. These frames are incredibly unique.

Shamballa Eyewear sunglasses Lily frame

Lily Model © Shamballa Eyewear

Have you not found an eyeglasses designer who appeals to you, yet? Consider Chrome Hearts—it used to be a jewelry maker, but now the brand has found a place in luxury eyewear. The brand crafts its frames like jewelry, while holding on to founding spirit: rock ‘n’ roll! This mixture of style and materials is not incompatible. Chrome Hearts models often use gold-plated titanium and rare woods, as well as precious chiseled and engraved frames with details in the form of diamonds and mother-of-pearl. The technical skill of a goldsmith is pure luxury, and it is found in every model. Each insert is worked in sterling silver in their jeweler’s workshop before being grafted to the temples of the frames. The brand bridges the gap between eyewear and jewelry without losing any of its provocative character.

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