Titanium sunglasses by Blackfin

unique manufacturing processes

The quality and origin of glasses are extremely important to many designers. These concerns reflect an immense love of the job and of work well done. Some brands put employ unique manufacturing techniques; others control their production from A to Z, paying great attention to the ethics of their manufacture.

Francois et Sebastien wooden eyeglasses Anna

Wooden frames model Anna François et Sébastien

Artisanal and unique manufacturing techniques

French manufacturers can boast of having a unique knowledge of glasses production. The world envies this knowledge! Among the eyeglasses designers distinguished by their incredible craftsmanship are François et Sébastien, who specialize in wood frames. These craftsmen-designers draw on hundreds of years of technique to create unique glasses.

Clément Gouverneur leather eyeglasses

Perforated leather eyeglasses © Clément Gouverneur

The Maison Gouverneur Audigier, the oldest eyeglass designer still operating, works hard to maintain its traditional techniques. Its craftsmen thus work partly on vintage machines, a rare, tangible heritage. More than an anchor in time, Governor Audigier is also attached to the place on where it was born. The current offices and workshops remain in the same location. Combining their technical heritage with modern processes, the brand manages to obtain distinguished, unique glasses that embody the mastery of this great house. Their manufacture of the temples of glasses using the “branches cordées” was revolutionary when it was first invented, and is still used today.

Eyeglasses made in France by Clément Gouverneur

Glasses Metallum © Clément Gouverneur

Local, or ultra local?

Many brands manufacture their eyewear in their country of origin, and wish to make their glasses in a traditional manner. Some push the model further with manufacture that is “ultra local.” What does this entail? The idea is to employ an economic model that is based on local needs.

The Shelter Savoyard Lunetier is a perfect example. Created by a group of young people from the region, the brand manufactures and designs its wooden glasses exclusively in Haute-Savoie. Environmental awareness, recycling, and local manufacturing are at the center of their approach and their concerns. The brand has gained attention in the world of optics and, with its success, is developing a collection of optical glasses.

Sunglasses from the French brand Shelter

Shelter Sunglasses

Similarly, the eyeglasses brand Struktur is made entirely in Normandy, manufacturing its frames in local factories. This allows the company to both monitor production and stimulate the local economy. The collection of glasses benefits from exclusivity—each design is produced only 20 to 25 times!

Struktur Eyewear eyeglasses, frame model The Stylish Grenade© Struktur Eyewear glasses – The Stylish Grenade frame

For the Italian eyeglasses designer Blackfin, which specializes in titanium glasses, manufacturing in Italy is a first priority. The second is to deepen this commitment by making “neomadeitaly.” This term refers to the brand’s state of mind. The brand is international, but emphasizes its values ​​and land of origin. The design and manufacture of glasses takes place in their factory at the foot of the Dolomites, the beauty and the resources of which surround them on a daily basis. Blackfin’s frames testify to the exceeding skill of its artisans. The brand has a strong identity and takes a step back from trends by remaining faithful to its local DNA.

Red titanium women eyeglasses by Blackfin

Blackfin titanium glasses

Featured Image: Blackfin