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France is trendy! Choosing a frame requires attentiveness toward what matches your personality, just as much as design, color, materials, and price. In addition, for many people, glasses’ location of manufacture is also an important criterion.

In eyewear, French know-how is recognized throughout the world, from Canada to the Land of the Rising Sun.

The charm of Parisian design

Lunettes Swimm Face à Face © Face à Face – Swimm frame

In the capital, Paris, the effervescence of eyeglasses design is at its height. Brands like Face à Face have been established there for two decades. Inspired by architecture, the brand channels all its talent into creating original glasses, divorced from the usual standards of fashion. And if French know-how is found in the high quality of the frames, it is also in their design—their artistic textures, shapes and colors.

More recently, Parisian designer Lucas de Staël has begun to make glasses. The luxury brand relies on precious and rare materials as well as on French talent. Lucas de Staël designs and manufactures all his models by hand in a Parisian workshop, where traditional know-how is brought to bear on contemporary style.

Creative glasses throughout France

But France has more to offer than the city of Paris. It is in Toulouse, for example, that the famous Anne & Valentin got its start. The brand’s creations are now unanimously and internationally recognized for their quality and unusual design. Today, the brand manufactures its glasses—by hand, of course—in the Jura, the historic home of French eyewear manufacture.

Methods of both design and manufacture signal the artisan quality sought after by eyeglass wearers. As a country crossed by numerous artistic currents, France offers designers an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

Lunettes de soleil Anne & Valentin, modèle Streep © Anne & Valentin  – Streep frame

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Featured image: Lucas de Staël glasses – Minautore frame