Original collaborations between eyeglass makers and designers


Eyeglass makers do not hesitate to expand their focus in order to enrich their brand. When it comes to collaboration, anything goes! There is no need to remain an eyeglasses designer exclusively. The eyewear professional brings the knowledge, technique, and professional eye, while the collaborator brings their imagination, sensitivity, and field of expertise. Some brands of eyewear are associated with celebrities of the fashion world. Lunettes Originales showcases some unusual, unique collections. Unexpected expertise enriches the eyewear trade!


Lafont and La Fayette Eyeglasses

Lafont and La Fayette Eyeglasses collaboration
This is an unprecedented collaboration: Lafont and the La Fayette squadron of the Air Force. To fly high (or even to remain on the ground with their head in the clouds) the designer conceived a line of limited edition, numbered sunglasses. They are made exclusively for the pilots of the squadron. If you come across acetate solar mounts with a small sioux head on mirrored glasses, you’re likely to be looking at a pilot of the army!


Oliver Peoples Sunglasses and Perfumer Byredo

Oliver Peoples Sunglasses and Perfumer Byredo collaboration
Smell and sight: two senses that combine to make up a holistic experience. This is the goal of the collaboration between designer Oliver Peoples and Swedish perfumer Byredo. The concept is simple: each frame has its own perfume. These two luxurious objects interact with one another. The colors, the fragrances, and the forms transcribe impressions of the city of Los Angeles. A poetic, sensory project!


Peter & May Walk and Martone Cycling Goggles

Peter & May Walk and Martone Cycling Goggles collaboration
You ride on your bike, hair flowing in the breeze, but the sun and wind are in your eyes. You need a pair of sunglasses. French designer Peter & May Walk has partnered with the colorful bike brand Martone Cycling. Together they produce geometric sunglasses that recall the design of the handlebars and baskets of Martone bikes!


Mykita Glasses and Damir Doma

Mykita Glasses and Damir Doma collaboration

These solar frames are definitively high fashion, and are the result of a partnership between German eyeglasses designer Mykita and Croatian fashion designer Damir Doma. The light glasses with their individual colors play with space, form and negative space. They will delight and seduce those who seek unique, original glasses.


Orgreen Eyeglasses and Asger Juel Larsen

Orgreen Eyeglasses and Asger Juel Larsen collaboration
For the creator of Orgreen glasses, artistic collaborations are opportunities for play. Their collaborator, Asger Juel Larsen, is a recent graduate of the London Fashion School. Together they designed a limited edition line of resolutely bold and minimalist solar frames. They are bi-colored, black and orange or bright green. They give their wearers the audacity to assert their personalities from the first look!


Lesca Glasses and Atelier Vocé

Lesca Glasses and Atelier Vocé collaboration
The French glasses designer Lesca and the fashion house Vocé collaborated to create a capsule collection of 18 sunglasses. Some iconic Lesca designs, such as Pica and Burt, were reinvented with new and daring colors.


Waiting For The Sun Glasses and Loreak Mendian

Waiting For The Sun Glasses and Loreak Mendian collaboration
This Franco-Spanish collaboration brings together the worlds of clothing and eyewear. The creators of urban clothing brand Loreak Mendian dreamed of having glasses matching their collections. When they met Julien and Antoine of Waiting For the Sun, their wish was fulfilled. They produced unisex solar designs that are retro and classic, and that fit well with the casual style of the Basque brand.


Garrett Leight Glasses and  Amélie Pichard & Atelier Milan

Garrett Leight Glasses and  Amélie Pichard & Atelier Milan collaboration
A collaboration of three minds realized a collection imagined by Amélie Pichard, the French shoe designer. The partnership includes the Parisian brand Milan Lunetier and the American eyeglass designer Garrett Leight. The result of this collaboration is a collection of sparkling, playful sunglasses with glitter lenses. However, they maintain the shape of the typical Parisian elegance, s’il vous plaît! They are a mixture of mischievousness and chic, representing a meeting of the styles of Los Angeles and Paris.

Featured Image: Peter & May Walk x Martone Cycling