Zoobug kids eyeglasses collection logo
  • Sunglasses for kids by the english brand Zoobug
  • Solar spectacles for children by Zoobug
  • Solar frames for kids by Zoobug designer
  • Leopard sunglasses by the spectacles creator Zoobug

Children’s glasses ZOOBUG

Looking for creative designs for children? Amazing Eyewear has discovered glasses from England: Zoobug! The founder is a pediatric ophthalmologist based in London. Zoobug designs aesthetically and comfortable appealing collections for children from 0 to 12 years of age.

The brand uses innovative technology in its eyeglasses for babies. The frames for babies ages 0 to 3 years have medical-grade silicone nose pads to guarantee perfect comfort and prevent the lashes from touching the lenses. The curved temples are also designed to prevent discomfort around the ears.

For the six innovative frame designs, four to five possible patterns and daring colors (an English specialty!) are available.

Photo Credit: ZOOBUG

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