Eyeglasses designer Veronika Wildgruber logo
  • Notorious circle metal eyeglasses by Veronika Wildgruber
  • Tiberius black acetate eyewear by Veronika Wildgruber
  • Arthur sunglasses by the deutsch designer Veronika Wildgruber
  • Dory spectacles by Veronika Wildgruber

Veronika Wildgruber Glasses

Eyewear designers do not have to limit themselves to one area of design. Veronika Wildgruber understood that, and she made it an asset. As artistic director for the Jacques Durand brand, she expresses herself through her own brand of frames. Under her name, she chose to embed herself in two related fields: design and materials.

Veronika Wildgruber has been acknowledged and granted numerous prizes for her work on objects and interior design. She has conveyed her precision and attention to detail in the care taken to design her line of glasses. With their production in both France and Italy, the frames are European to the ends of their temples. Optic or solar, they tie in with the brand in a harmonious circle wherein each element derives from masterful knowledge.

Passionate about art and decoration, Veronika Wildgruber’s designs are inspired by multiple sources. The Berlin brand devises collections that use daring combinations of materials and disrupts preconceived notions. With its delicate array of shades and variety of textures, the final products are simple but surprising. The designer’s work shows a deep maturity.

Photo Credit: Veronika Wildgruber

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