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  • Paul's frame from the V.Design collection
  • Take a look at Ayrton's orange eyeglasses created by the french designer Variation Design
  • Admire Martha from the V.Design collection made by Variation Design
  • Discover the Othello pair of glasses of the french designer Variation Design
  • Arwen'spectacles distributed by Variation Design
  • Admire the Demoiselle'spectacles of your french optician Variation Design
  • Discover the deep blue of Luce's pair of glasses created by the french designer Variation Design
  • Take a look at Gilles and its round contours designed by the french brand Variation Design
  • Jefferson's blue glasses distributed by Variation Design
  • Louie's red frame is created by Variation Design


The human eye is very well done: it can distinguish a myriad of shades of colors. So unless you are nostalgic of the black & white episodes of Zorro, it would be a shame not to explore this marvelous world.
The optical designer of Variation Design has it all figured out and blends hues with creativity. Just like the gourmand workers of a chocolate factory, the designers of the French brand work in total bliss. An aversion to monotone? V.Design collection is a heartily invitation to see life in color.

Black and Yellow eyeglasses Graphite from the V.Design collection – Frame by Variation Design© Variation Design – V.Design collection – Graphite frame

The frames do not go unnoticed thanks to the brand’s particular approach to hues. Lover of subtle blends, deliberate harmonies and perfect matches, the brand shows a proven taste for meticulous creations. Specializing in colored steel frames, V.Design glasses are of high added value. Amplitude of color and artistic requirements are taken very seriously with pigments carefully applied with a syringe, shaded metal, sophisticated graphics…

Creating a universe where rainbows can shine in all their splendor, the collection also pays careful attention to their design. The frames, inspired by nature, geometric shapes and architecture, bring to light their ornate branches. Without eccentricity, each pair of glasses has its own style and is created with all the attention to detail particular of this brand: asymmetric structures, textural effects, laser cut stainless steel for its extreme precision…
Leveraging its experience and know-how, Variation Design is constantly looking for novelty and fresh aesthetic senses. Those who see glasses as a way of expressing their personality will surely be seduced by the distinctly imaginative and colorful creations. The French brand believes in the importance of individuality while remaining true to fashion trends and signs a range overflowing with visual energy. Hard to refuse this enthusiastic invitation to shun conformity…

Round frame Sally from the V.Design collection – Eyeglasses created by Variation Design© Variation Design – V.Design collection – Sally frame

Black and yellow Fitzgerald spectacles from the V.Design collection – Glasses by the brand Variation Design© Variation Design – V.Design collection – Fitzgerald frame

Colorful optical frame Calypso part of the V.Design collection – Eyeglasses created by Variation Design© Variation Design – V.Design collection – Calypso frame


Photo credit : Variation Design


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